Guide App

Deep Dive into Cygames Exhibition: Artworks

This application serves as a dedicated guide for
those who would like to fully experience all that
the exhibition has to offer.

  • Note: This app can only be used upon checking in at the venue.

This app is no longer supported.
Thank you for your support.

Audio Guide

Enjoy this wonderful exhibition through the voices of Cygames' many characters. Every line within this audio guide has been newly recorded to be played at this exhibition. Listen as these popular characters explain each game's respective artwork highlights and world atmosphere.

  • - To ensure that everyone has a pleasant visit,
    please use headphones when listening.
  • - Headphones and smartphones are not available for borrowing
    at the exhibition. Please bring your own devices.
  • - The audio guide is only available in Japanese.


  • Albert (Voice: Hikaru Midorikawa)
  • Arisa (Voice: Kana Yuuki)
  • Lyria (Voice: Nao Toyama)
  • Chihiro Senkawa (Voice: Rina Sato)
  • Pecorine (Voice: M・A・O )
  • Notte (Voice: Yukana)
  • Alk (Voice: Ryota Osaka)
  • Tazuna Hayakawa (Voice: Yukiyo Fujii)

The app's Exhibition Guide showcases some of the exhibition's highlights. Check out this page and compare what's on your screen with what stands before your eyes.

You can access each exhibit's exact location and detailed explanation via the Exhibition Map feature provided within the app.

Experience the World
with Augmented Reality

Point your AR camera at the exhibition's Bahamut statue for a chance to see some amazing special effects.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the impressive world of AR via our incredibly detailed 3D model and SFX.


For more information regarding the exhibition and its companion app,
please direct yourself to the FAQ page.