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About Cygames Exhibition: Artworks

Is there parking available?
Unfortunately, we do not provide a parking lot specific for this exhibition. For those traveling in a personal vehicle, please use the nearby parking facilities.
Am I allowed to cosplay at the exhibition?
Both entry and exit while cosplaying or wearing other costumes is prohibited.
Am I allowed to bring my pet?
Pets are not allowed within the venue. (Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and other service dogs are permitted entry.)
Am I allowed to eat or drink at the venue?
We ask that you do not eat or drink at the venue.
Is there a smoking area?
There is no smoking area within the venue. For those who would like to smoke, please direct yourself to one of the designated smoking areas around Ueno Park.
Am I allowed to re-enter if I leave?
Once you leave the venue, you will not be allowed re-entry.
Am I allowed to take photos or videos?
Most areas of the venue allow for taking pictures and/or videos, but there are a few areas where photos/videos are prohibited.
Is there a place for me to store my bags, luggage, or other personal items?
The venue does not provide storage services. If you are carrying large bags or luggage, please use the nearby coin lockers.

About Tickets

Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be purchased via e+ (eplus) or at your nearest Family Mart.
From what age is a ticket required for venue admission?
Junior high school students and up require an admission ticket. Student discounts are available for those in junior high or high school, as well as college students.
We ask that you show your student ID together with your ticket at check-in.
Note: Children 5 and under, as well as invididuals with proof of disability, do not require a ticket for venue admission.
Can I get a refund if I'm unable to attend the exhibition?
Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds, with the exception of the event cancelation.
I've lost my ticket. Can I get it re-issued?
Tickets cannot be re-issued, regardless of the circumstances.
Can I transfer ownership of my ticket or resell it?
Tickets cannot be purchased for the purpose of transfer or resale.
Are the tickets valid throughout the duration of the exhibition?
Purchased tickets are only valid for their indicated date and time.
Am I allowed to wait at the venue the night before the exhibition date?
Arriving to the venue the night prior to entry date for the purpose of waiting is strictly prohibited. Please arrive at the venue at the time indicated on your ticket.
Can I buy same-day tickets?
For those interested in purchasing same-day tickets, please buy a digital ticket through the e+ website or application. Tickets will not be sold at the Ueno Royal Museum.

About Merchandise Sales

Can I buy merchandise at the venue?
Cygames merchandise will be available for purchase at the venue. Sales will end once the product inventory has been depleted.
Can I buy merchandise without an admission ticket?
Sales will be exclusive to attendees who have purchased an admission ticket.
When can I buy the merchandise?
Merchandise will be available for purchase upon venue opening starting from September 2.
Will there be a limit to what I can buy?
Purchase limits will depend on the specific product purchased. For more detailed information, please refer to the merchandise page on the Cygames Exhibition: Artworks official website.
I bought something by mistake. Can I exchange it or something else?
Once a product has been purchased, refunds and exchanges will not be provided, with the exception of defective products. Please confirm the exact details of the product before making your purchase. In the case of a defective product, exchanges will only be provided at the venue on the day the product was purchased. Please confirm the contents of your purchase immediately upon receipt.

About the Guide App

What kind of app is this?
This app was developed as a companion app for Cygames Exhibition: Artworks, an art exhibition to be held at the Ueno Royal Museum. Use the app's many features—such as an audio guide voiced by various Cygames characters—for a unique experience at the exhibition venue.
I downloaded the app. How do I access Exhibition Content?
Exhibition Content can only be accessed after checking in at the venue within the exhibition period. It can only be accessed on site.
What does Check In do?
Check In gives you access to the app's various features, allowing you to enjoy the audio guide, venue map, and more.
How do I check in?
When you arrive at the venue, tap on the Check-In button on the app's home screen. Once you've successfully checked in, you'll unlock the app's different features for use within the venue.

Note: The app requires Bluetooth and location permissions. Please allow the app to access both functions for a smooth experience. You will be unable to check in outside the venue grounds.
When exactly can I check in?
Check In will only be accessible during the exhibition period and when on venue grounds. You will be unable to use the app's check-in function outside the exhibition period or when off venue grounds.
Is this app free to use?
This application is completely free to download and use.
Do I need a specific device and/or OS to use this app?
For iOS devices, you will need to be on iOS 14.0 or higher.
For Android devices, you will need to be on Android 8.0 or higher.
Note: Certain Android devices may not properly run the app.
Can I use the app on a tablet?
You can use the app on a tablet, but please be aware that parts of the app may not display properly on tablet devices.
Where can I ask questions?
You can ask questions via the Contact Us option on the main menu.
I'm getting a communications error message. What do I do?
Reset your internet connection—Wi-Fi, mobile data, or otherwise—and try launching the app again. If the problem persists, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page.
The app keeps crashing. What do I do?
If the app is in use for long periods of time or simultaneously with multiple other apps, it is possible for the app to unexpectedly crash. You can try solving this issue by reloading the app, closing other apps that are in use, or restarting your device.
I accidentally deleted the app. What do I do?
In the case of an accidental deletion, please reinstall the app. Please be aware that even if you checked in before deleting the app, reinstallation will restore the app to a state prior to check-in.